San Diego Padres Pledge to Support the Gay Community

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The San Diego Padres pledged to support and respect the LGBT community by signing GLSEN Team Respect Challenge. The players have pledged to avoid name-calling and language that puts down others because of differences such as race, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression or religion.

By taking this challenge, the Padres hope to encourage youth to follow their example by avoiding harmful language and by treating all team members with respect. The Padres, who became aware of the pledge through the GLSEN San Diego chapter, are the first professional sports team to sign the Team Respect pledge.

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“As baseball comes back from the break, the San Diego Padres have made it clear who the real all-stars are by signing on to GLSEN’s Team Respect Challenge,” said Eliza Byard, Executive Director of GLSEN. “>From the pros to the playgrounds, far too many athletes seem to think that disrespectful language and behavior are just part of the game. The Padres have sent a clear message to youth everywhere: Name-calling and harassment of any kind is not acceptable and teams perform best when every teammate is safe and respected.”

“We applaud the Padres for signing this pledge, and we hope that the students involved in athletic teams throughout the District follow their great example,” said San Diego Unified School District Superintendent, Bill Kowba. “We are committed to providing all students with a safe learning environment, free from all forms of bullying, including sexual orientation and gender identity/expression. In this regard, the Padres have proven themselves to be valuable role models for San Diego students.”

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