Sean Ashby & aussieBum: The Complete Package

Image via aussieBum

Image via aussieBum

Prior to my scheduled meeting with Sean Ashby in New York this January, we had exchanged e-mails in which he shared some personal background and details on aussieBum, the all-Australian swimwear line he founded in 2001 that he has since grown into a global menswear brand with mostly online customers in 70-plus countries worldwide.

In one note, he described himself as “a bit of a larrikin.” That’s Oz slang for somebody with an irreverent disregard for the normal rules of propriety—making him intriguing from the start—and there was no disappointment in learning the full story of his against-the-grain success. The irreverence was certainly there, as cheerful as Australia’s Technicolor sunshine. However, abridging convention and authority was no lark for Sean, but a matter of survival as he confronted doubts and setbacks on his road to success.

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