Serbian Gay Rights Activists Stage Pride Event Protest

Gay activist speaks in Belgrade, Serbia, October, 19, 2010. Image by krutenyukoxana

Serbian gay rights activists held a brief outdoor protest and then an indoor gathering on Saturday after the police banned a pride march because of threats. About two dozen activists began the day with a “small, silent, non-violent and motionless protest” on the steps of an office building in central Belgrade. The march has been banned and canceled for the past two years, after a 2010 gay pride saw more than 100 people injured.” Pointing to security risks without any visible effort to come up with a reasonable plan to make the Belgrade Pride Parade happen is succumbing to threats of violence,” said Boris Dittrich, the group’s LGBT advocacy director. At the indoor protest on Saturday the group talked about putting further pressure on the authorities to pass a declaration in the parliament against homophobia and amend the criminal law to include hate crimes. Activists are insisting that a Pride will take place in 2013, hoping that a year will be plenty of time to obtain the proper security. [AP]


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