Starbucks is Once Again Accused of ‘Promoting Gay Agenda’ with Nearly Colorless Holiday Cups

There are a few things we can expect in November: holiday decorations going up way too early and a controversy surrounding Starbucks’s holiday cups. Despite the company producing holiday cups for 20 years, the controversy really kicked off last year when the company was accused of contributing to the “war on Christmas” by eliminating any Christmas-specific images and opted for a classic Christmas-red cup. This prompted the Right to stage a boycott, and for those who couldn’t stay away from the coffee giant, they were encouraged to say their name is Christmas or Jesus in order for those overworked non-corporate baristas to be forced to write Christmas on the cups.

This year, the company’s cups, which were introduced in an online video feature a Christmas Tree and mostly black sketches that encourage java-hunters to color in their own cups because “the holidays mean something different to everyone.”

The Christian Right are now pointing to the holiday video that showcases diverse clientele (this also includes cartoon women holding hands) as another way for the company to promote their “gay agenda.”  The side of the cup also includes two hands holding (their sex is not apparent). This has the Right’s heads spinning. 

According to the New York Times

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