Subaru Loves Pets Month Returns!

Subaru Loves Pets Month Returns!

October has begun and so has Subaru of America’s annual initiative to help shelter pets find homes with the return of Subaru Loves Pets month.

For the month of October, 600 local Subaru dealerships pledge to donate $100 for every pet adopted from their partnered local animal shelters; donations are capped at $3,100 for each participating dealership. They will also donate $20 to the ASPCA for select purchases of Subaru Pet-Friendly Accessories.

The ASPCA has found that nearly 6.3 million pets enter shelters nationwide annually, and each year approximately 920,000 shelter animals are euthanized. This month you could help one of these animals find a forever home and help support the ASPCA’s work!

This Subaru Loves Pets month marks the automaker’s fifth year of their brainchild National Make a Dog’s Day. Participants are invited to share their photos of their canine companions on social media using the hashtag #MakeADogsDay. The company also seeks to bring attention to what they call the “Underdogs.” Older dogs in shelters or those who are physically challenged are often overlooked during adoptions, but these are the dogs who need the most love. Many spend their whole lives waiting to be adopted. 

Subaru reports donating around $51 million to national and local organizations in the name of this mission, supporting the rescue, adoption, transport and health of nearly 420,000 animals. They are officially the largest corporate donor to the ASPCA, being partnered with the organization since 2008. Another partner is BARK, a company making custom products for dogs including food, treats, toys, dental care products and more. 

The company’s ad campaigns throughout October will also reflect this campaign, and encourage followers to post pictures of their pooches. To find a participating shelter or dealership click here.

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