Sweden to Test Six-Hour Work Day to Improve Country’s Quality of Life Even More

Image via Passport

Image via Passport

Hoping to improve productivity and boost the already-high quality of live in Sweden, the country is planning on shifting to a six-hour work day. Science consistently has found that the 50-some-odd-hour work week is bad for our physical and mental health (55-hour work week raises risk of stroke by 33 percent).

“I think the 8-hour work day is not as effective as one would think. To stay focused on a specific work task for 8 hours is a huge challenge. In order to cope, we mix in things and pauses to make the work day more endurable. At the same time, we are having it hard to manage our private life outside of work,” Linus Feldt, CEO of Stockholm-based app developer Filimundus.

The app company switched last year to the six-hour day and says that employees are much happier. But how do companies make up for the lost time. Filimundus requires its employees to stay off social media throughout the day.


“The thinking behind the move is that because the working day has been condensed, staff will be more motivated and have more energy to get more done in a shorter period of time. Feldt reports that not only has productivity stayed the same, there are less staff conflicts because people are happier and better rested,” according to Science Alert. 


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