Taiwan to Hold Vote on Gay and Lesbian Marriage

Taiwan, who many believe may be the first country in Asia with marriage equality, is getting ready to hold a referendum on the matter. The public vote will begin on November 24 on whether or not the country’s civil code should recognize members of the same sex to marry.

The country’s high court has ruled in May that refusing gay and lesbian couples from marrying is unconstitutional—a first for an Asian country.

The judge said that it will give the government a two-year deadline to legalize same-sex marriage, but this is being slowed by conservative politicians who are insisting on a referendum.

A group called The Happiness of the Next Generation Alliance has been instrumental in pushing for the vote. They submitted a petition to the election commission.

LBGT activists worry that a vote could threaten the future of gay and lesbian marriage in the country while also being a waste of money.

Jennifer Lu, the coordinator of activist group Marriage Equality Coalition Taiwan, said “These three referenda are trying to remove LGBTI citizens from the Civil Code and LGBTI education from schools.”

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