Target to Spend $20 Million to Ensure Transgender Customers Have a Safe Space to Pee

To continue their commitment to the LGBT community, particularly to the transgender community, Target will spend $20 million to install single-stall bathrooms in every single one of their stores. Target made national headlines this year for showing their very public support by allowing transgender customers to use restrooms in fitting with their gender identity. The company has repeatedly gone to bat for the LGBT community, including ignoring “bathroom bills” in states like North Carolina. CFO Cathy Smith stands by their support, but also hopes that by adding an individual stall, it will appease some of the hate groups that have been boycotting and protesting the store (often aggressively), and will provide trans people a safe place to use a bathroom.

According to GSN: “Target is far from being the only Fortune500 to have a transgender-friendly restroom policy. Toys’R’Us, Barnes & Noble and Walgreens have all indicated that they have similar policies.”

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