Tens of Thousands of Italian Protesters Rally for Gay Civil Unions

Photo by Eugenio Marongiu via Passport Magazine

Photo by Eugenio Marongiu via Passport Magazine

The winds of change are blowing in Rome this week, and in nearly 100 other cities across Italy, as tens of thousands gathered in support of gay and lesbian civil unions.

“Wake up Italy, it’s time to be civilized,” was the battle cry heard at most rallies this week.

Mirco Pierro, 39, was among the protestors in Rome on Saturday, alongside his partner and their twins. He told the Associated Press that his efforts aimed to “defend the rights of our children, not just our rights.” Because he and his partner were married Los Angeles, their union is unrecognized in Italy. Only one has parental rights to their two children.

Italy has vowed to move along legislation  that would allow gay and lesbian couples to enter in civil unions, along with new entitlements for non-biological parents for child custody regardless of orientation or marriage status.

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