The 10 Most Ambiguously Gay Eurovision Acts Ever

Screen cap via Outlandic

Screen cap via Outlandic

Let’s be perfectly clear: To our knowledge, none of these singers is gay, openly or otherwise. But that doesn’t mean people haven’t wondered, whispered or wished. Some of these guys (and gals) have set off the world’s collective gaydar, some have sparked persistent gay rumors, some have actively flirted with gay audiences, and some have simply set gay hearts aflutter. We’ll leave it to you to figure out who’s who.

1  Shake It | Sakis Rouvas (Greece, 2004)
Stealing a page from the Paul Oscar playbook, sexy Sakis Rouvas surrounds himself with barely clad girls in the video for 2004 Greek entry “Shake It,” and yet still reads as deeply gay. Is it a shameless act of gay-baiting? We don’t really care, please just let us keep watching. One of Greece‘s biggest celebrities and an active supporter of LGBT rights, Rouvas took 3rd place with this song at Eurovision 2004. He returned in 2009 with “This Is Our Night”, which took 7th place in that year’s final.


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