The FAA Gives the Green Light for Transgender Pilots

Image via Instagram

Image via Instagram

Transgender pilots have cleared a major hurdle that has prevented many individuals from serving as  pilots. The FAA banned many trans pilots because of an outdated policy that considered transgender people as having a medical disorder. Prior to this announcement, trans people weren’t able to receive the required medical certificate. Jessica Taylor, a transwoman for a Denver airline, fought to fly.

“I found that gender can mean the difference between captains believing you are qualified or not to fly the aircraft,’ she said. “Over the past few years, many transgender individuals have lost their medical certification due to these outdated practices and policies, while also facing discrimination by the FAA.”

All pilots must still go through medical testing that includes psychological testing, but transgender persons will have to go through another step to ensure he or she is fit to fly. These pilots will also have to submit paperwork to show that he or she was treated with hormones or has undergone gender reassignment surgery.


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