The Must-See Performance by Udo Kier in ‘Swan Song’

Hollywood veteran, Udo Kier (best known for starring in unsettling Lars von Trier films and grindhouse horror classics by directors like Rob Zombie), is taking on an extremely unexpected role in his new film, Swan Song. The movie, which premiers on August 6th, sees Kier play Pat Pitsenbarger, a retired hairdresser who now lives in a dingy retirement home. Once a prominent hairdresser, he’s since become a burnt-out old man simply waiting for death…that is, until he gets word that a prominent former client of his has died and is requesting that he do her postmortem hair and makeup for her funeral.

Pat embarks on a journey back to Sandusky, Ohio for the funeral, encountering old friends, reliving lost memories, and learning that he still has a lot of living to do.

Since the film’s debut at this year’s SXSW festival, Swan Song has been met with rave reviews, with many critics being completely blown away by Kier’s performance.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the film’s writer and director, Todd Stephens, reveals that Kier’s character is inspired by an actual hairdresser who lived in Sandusky (Stephen’s hometown). He told the magazine the character “is based on this hairdresser from my home town who was very out and proud long before that was acceptable. He helped give me the courage to be me.”

Joining Udo Kier in the cast is comedy legend Jennifer Coolidge, soap star Linda Evans, and more. The film will receive a limited theatrical run starting on August 6th before becoming available on-demand on August 16th. 

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