Theater Buff: Conor Ryan of ‘Desperate Measures’

by Ryan Leeds

A drunk priest,  yearnful nun, straight-laced sheriff, unscrupulous Governor, and sexy saloon woman all unite to save Johnny Blood, a hot-tempered but earnest cowboy fighting for his life in the musical comedy Desperate Measures. The show opened last year at York Theatre Company where it received several extensions and numerous accolades. It recently found an Off-Broadway home at New World Stages for an open-ended run.

Blood is played with endearing charm by Conor Ryan, this month’s fabulous actor/singer/dancer who graces our Theater Buff feature.

Conor Ryan

Monterey, CA but I’ve lived in Carmel, Los Gatos, Colorado, Rhode Island and Boston. I went to college in Michigan and then moved to New York where I’ve been ever since.

Desperate Measures depicts the depths to which people will go for love. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done for love?
Omigosh. What an amazing question! I’ll say too much credit card debt on people I love!

There are so many hilarious moments in this show. How were you and your cast able to rehearse without breaking character?
When we started at the York, we were all trying to discover the tone. We knew we needed to push the comedy really far, but not too far. The process was gentle and cautious. Once we got into previews and added the audience, the comedy became much more obvious. It became a lot faster paced. At this point, we’re familiar enough with each other, but once in a while it still may happen.

Conor Ryan

Conor Ryan

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