This Boston Community’s Message to Anti-Gay Vandals will Make You Tear Up

A lesbian couple’s community has turned an act of bigotry and hate into a call to arms of love. Upon

Upon returning to their home in the Greater Boston area, Cari and Lauri Ryding were horrified to find out that their house had been vandalized. First, they noticed that their rainbow flag had gone missing and then saw that it had been egged. “We knew the intention and message of what happened, and that was more upsetting to see the combination of the two things. Someone really intended to send a message to the two of us. That was really hard to swallow and sent us both reeling,” they said in an interview.

The couple, who had been married for four years, immediately asked the neighbors if they had seen anything unusual, and they were reportedly shocked. But to the ladies’ surprise, the community came together to show their support and make a statement that intolerance is not tolerated there. Nearly each of the 60 house in the vicinity proudly displayed rainbow flags.

“You drive into our neighborhood, and all you see is the rainbow, It still makes us cry,” Cari told the Boston Globe. “Love conquers hate. It is what we all strive for. It’s a teaching moment. It’s a wonderful display of solidarity and unity and caring, of neighbors helping neighbors. There’s so much love around us.”

CNN has a video of the response. 

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