‘Time’ Magazine Weighs in on ‘the Transgender Tipping Point’

Laverne Cox. Image via Time.
Laverne Cox. Image via Time.

For the first time in TIME’s 91-year history has a transgender person appeared on the cover of the magazine.

In the beaux-arts lobby of the Nourse Theater in San Francisco, men in deep V-necks and necklaces walk by women with crew cuts and plaid shirts buttoned to the top. Boys carrying pink backpacks kiss on the lips, while long-haired ladies whose sequined tank tops expose broad shoulders snap selfies. About 1,100 people, many gleefully defying gender stereotypes, eventually pack the auditorium to hear the story of an unlikely icon. “I stand before you this evening,” Laverne Cox, who stars in the Netflix drama Orange Is the New Black, tells the crowd, “a proud, African-American transgender woman.” The cheers are loud and long. Almost one year after the Supreme Court ruled that Americans were free to marry the person they…

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