Trans, Nonbinary Athlete Nikki Hiltz Has Qualified For The Paris Olympics

Trans, Nonbinary Athlete Nikki Hiltz Has Qualified For The Paris Olympics

Trans, non-binary track star Nikki Hiltz is headed for the Paris Olympics after winning a final 1500m race at the US Olympic Track and Field trials.

Hiltz finished in a record time of three minutes and 55.33 seconds, making them the second fastest American in this event. With this victory, Hiltz qualifies for the Olympics for the first time. Others who came close to a win included American Elle Purrier St. Pierre and Emily Mackay, who have both also qualified into the Games, which are slated to begin with an opening ceremony on July 26. Those who finished in the top eight set new personal bests for time, according to OutSports.

“I wanted to run this one for my community,” they told OutSports. “All the LGBT folks, yeah, you guys brought me home that last hundred [meters]. I could just feel the love and support.” Hiltz told multiple outlets they didn’t allow themselves to think of the love and support from the LGBTQ+ community until the final stretch of the race, when they emerged from behind several frontrunners to cross the finish line. 

Hiltz came out on Instagram back in 2021. “Hi I’m Nikki and I’m Nikki and I’m transgender. That means I don’t identify with the gender I was assigned at birth. The word I use currently to describe my gender is non-binary. The best way I can explain my gender is as fluid,” they wrote. Since then Hiltz has garnered support from LGBTQ+ athletes and allies from every corner of the country. 

Though Hiltz is breaking records for the LGBTQ+ community, they are not the first non-binary athletes to participate in the Olympics. At the Tokyo games in 2022, Canadian soccer star Quinn was the first transgender and nonbinary qualifying competitor. They also became the first trans and nonbinary athlete to win an Olympic medal the same year. 

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