Virgin Airlines is Making Ways to Meet People Easier

Screen Cap via YouTube

Screen Cap via YouTube

Finding the one, or someone new to spend time with, just got a little easier with Virgin America. The airline kicked off its new route from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and is introducing a new, seat-to-seat service. Passengers can now order a drink, snack, or meal not only for themselves, but to even give to another flier. Billionaire owner Sir Richard Branson is marketing this service as an easier way to get lucky. This may also be a way to be approached by that creepy guy in seat 23B, but chances are if you’re headed to Las Vegas you probably just want to let the good times roll. So make sure to look cute if you are planning to fly with Virgin because we know a free artisan cheese box is better than a $7 artisan cheese box. [The Week]

Watch Sir Richard Branson’s guide to getting lucky

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