Famous Russian Broadcaster Vladimir Pozner Calls Out Russia’s Anti-LGBT Laws

Photo via Twitter

Photo via Twitter

Esteemed Russian broadcaster Vladimir Pozner has taken a bold move in opposition of the “Gay Propaganda” law that bans the “promotion” of homosexuality to minors in Russia.

The 81-year-old says it’s no politician’s place to mandate other people’s sex lives.

“What business is it of yours? It has nothing to do with you! If two adult men want to sleep together, let them sleep,” said Pozner, the Business Gazeta reports. “If you don’t like it, you don’t have to have sex with them.”

Pozner went on to call the current laws “a relic of the Soviet era,” according to Gay Star News.

“It is no crime to be gay.” he said. “If you believe God made the world, well, 10% of the world’s population are gay. Are you going to argue with what God decided for 10% of the world?”

When asked to speak to the “western craze” of “young people wanting to change their sex,” he deemed the question as outright ignorant and ill-informed.

‘No one would ever change their sex on a whim. It is not a craze at all.’

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