Want to Name Your Own Animal? Now You Can While Helping Charity

Want to Name Your Own Animal? Now You Can While Helping Charity

Today, Rainforest Trust kicked off the largest ever auction of newly discovered species naming rights. To raise money you can bid on naming12 species recently discovered in protected areas created by Rainforest Trust and its partners across the tropics. Pre-bidding starts today with the final auction taking place at an invitation-only event in Washington, DC on December 8th.  All other pre-registered bidders can participate by phone and online.

The auction showcases 12 new-to-science species. Among the finds are an Ecuadorean blue-eyed yellow frog; a Colombian frog with leopard-like coloring; speckled red and bright green frogs; an orchid from a Colombian cloud forest that has flame-like orange and rose-colored petals; an orchid with a center resembling peach slices; a deadly trap jaw ant with a mandible that opens to 180 degrees; a grey forest mouse with soft fur and rounded ears; a legless amphibian that looks like a worm; and a giant-eyed red salamander.  All proceeds will be matched and directly protects the habitat of the specific plant or animal, helping save them from extinction.

“We have discovered new, amazing plants and creatures, and need to protect them and their habitats.  Our auction will enable the public to help us do that. Imagine having a spectacular new species named after a loved one or an organization and knowing that their legacy is tied to saving a species!” explained Dr. Paul Salaman, CEO, Rainforest Trust.


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