Washington Blade Gets Seat in White House Briefing Room

Washington Blade Gets Seat in White House Briefing Room

The Washington Blade, America’s oldest LGBTQ news outlet, has just become the first LGBTQ publication in history to receive a seat in the prestigious White House Briefing Room. Blade reporter Chris Johnson will serve as the White House reporter for the publication.

In an article, the Washington Blade says that it will be sharing a seat with the Boston Globe, one of America’s most notable and historic newspapers. Sadly, that seat is right next to The Daily Caller, an alt-right publication so riddled with controversy that it has no place in the White House, and EWTN, a homophobic, anti-LGBTQ right-wing religious “news” site.

Regardless, this is a monumental occasion and an impressive step forward for LGBTQ journalism and inclusivity in the news industry in general (and who knows, it might offer a good dose of reality to EWTN and The Daily Caller).

“Thank you to the Correspondents Association for this designation,” said Blade editor Kevin Naff. “This was decades in the making and a credit to the hard work of Chris Johnson and Lou Chibbaro Jr. before him. This will enable us to devote more focus to national political news impacting the LGBTQ community.”

Congrats to the Washington Blade and to journalist Chris Johnson. It’s a tremendous honor for the publication and a step forward for journalism.

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