West Hollywood’s The Abbey Bans Bachelorette Parties

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Say goodbye to gaggles of drunk straight girls with silly hats and “I’m getting married” sashes when you visit West Hollywood’s world-famous gay bar, The Abbey—the bar officially banned bachelorette parties. Until marriage is legal for everyone, the gay bar won’t allow straight girls to flaunt their marriage rights in gay people’s faces.

“I just felt after seeing so many bachelorette parties…having our wonderful straight girlfriends having a special time, a special night, having fun that it’s almost a slap in the face to my clientele,” David Cooley, owner of The Abbey, told CBS. “[It’s] kind of slap in my face that I couldn’t have that same experience.”

“Over the past 22 years, The Abbey has been a place that accepts everyone, gay, straight, lesbian, transgender, bisexual and everything in between,” Cooley wrote in a press release announcing the policy on Thursday. [Time]

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