West Virginia Votes to Legalize Discrimination Against the LGBT Community

Image via Passport

Image via Passport

The West VirginiaHouse of Delegates voted 72-26 to legalize discrimination against the LGBT community because of religious freedom.

HB 4012 allows any person to claim their religious beliefs excuse them from following any state or local law. Not only could the bill allow businesses to refuse service to LGBT people, the broadly written bill would go even further, putting all minority communities at risk for discrimination, according to the HRC.

JoeMyGod points out that it wasn’t even just the Republicans who voted for this bill, 16 Democrats voted for it as well.

See all their names after the jump…

Bates (D-Raleigh)
Blackwell (D-Wyoming)
Boggs (D-Braxton)
Campbell (D-Randolph)
Eldridge (D-Lincoln)
Hicks (D-Wayne)
Lynch (D-Webster)
Marcum (D-Mingo)
Moye (D-Raleigh)
Perry (D-Fayette)
R. Phillips (D-Logan)
Reynolds (D-Cabell)
Rodighiero (D-Logan)
Shaffer (D-Preston)
P. Smith (D-Lewis)
P. White (D-Mingo)

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