What is The Best Month To Visit Europe?

What is The Best Month To Visit Europe?

There are many opinions floating around about the best time of year to travel to Europe. Those who wish to chase the sun may recommend you travel between June and August. Budget travelers will recommend traveling off-season, in the winter or early spring. But many have found the sweet spot or the best time to travel abroad is September. Tour guides and locals alike are often looking forward to September when the heat breaks and the streets are less crowded. Here are some very good reasons why September is considered the best month to travel to Europe

Good Weather

Depending on where you are in the world the optimal time to visit changes. For example, peak tourism months in the Southern Hemisphere are often between December and February when the weather is warmest. Conversely, in the Northern Hemisphere, peak months are typically June to August. Though September lies outside these boundaries, it sees temperate weather almost everywhere in Europe. It’s not too hot and not too cold. 

This year broke records for the highest temperatures in history, and tourists had to adjust. So to avoid the scorching temperatures, September might be your best bet to still catch some warm weather without all the sweat and dehydration. 

Less Tourism 

September marks the end of a busy tourist season and the beginning of back to school season for families and university students. For this reason, you likely won’t find swarms of people packed tightly on beaches, narrow city streets, or lined up at historic monuments. Without all this congestion you’ll find it easier to book transportation, get tickets to museums and historic sites, restaurants and more.

More affordable

According to USA Today, summer flights to Europe were on averaged 34% more expensive than they were in 2022. But once the summer craze is over, September sees incredible savings on flights and accommodation. While roundtrip flights to major European cities have consistently been over $1,000 this summer, search flights for September and you can find deals for half the price. Hostels, hotels, rental properties, and resorts are also more affordable in the off-season.

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