Adam Ebbin May Be the First Openly Gay Senator of Virginia

At 9:30 P.M. last night, the first openly gay lawmaker of the Virginia legislature moved one step closer to becoming the first openly gay Virginia senator. Del. Adam Ebbin (D-Arlingon) won the state’s primary, thus securing the Democratic nomination. The results of the three-person contest showed a divided Democratic party—with 11,000 votes cast, Ebbin won by only 300 votes. [Poliglot]

Still, it seems likely voters in Virginia may elected Ebbin. The Victory Fund explains:

Given his heavily Democratic district, Adam Ebbin’s primary victory all but assures that he will become the first out Virginia State Senator. This is an incredible milestone for the LGBT community and is further proof that voters today see LGBT people as just as committed to their communities as any other public servant.

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