Croatia May Offer Civil Unions for Gay and Lesbian Couples

Zoran Milanovic. Image via WikiCommon

Zoran Milanovic. Image via WikiCommon

After this week’s vote to constitutionally define marriage between one man and one woman in a national referendum in Croatia, government officials are hoping that they can at least protect the country’s gay and lesbian people by offering civil unions. Despite the overwhelming majority of Croatians who voted to ban same-sex marriage, the government is insisting on moving forward with a law that will allow civil partnerships. Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic, whose center-left government has supported same-sex marriage in the past, hopes that the civil partnership law will at least afford gay and lesbian couples rights that include hospital visitation and inheritance. Milanovic said that he wished the referendum had never taken place and said, “I think it did not make us any better, smarter or prettier.” [NYTimes]
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