Our New Favorite Festival: Japan’s (Un-Pixelated) Penis Festival

Our New Favorite Festival: Japan’s (Un-Pixelated) Penis Festival

The streets of Kawasaki Japan today are being invaded by phallic floats and lollipops. It’s interesting that Japan has a celebration of the male body part that is always hidden behind pixels in their X-rated exports. Kanamara Matsuri, translated in English as “Festival of the Steel Phallus,” leaves the blurred images on the Internet as real-life giant disco sticks are paraded through the streets as revelers take selfies with their favorite “members.”

In addition to the generously sized floats, vendors line the streets selling schnitzel-shaped candy, carved vegetables, figurines, and decorations. It’s all for a good cause, though, as profits raised from the event go to HIV research. The festival first began in 1969 (typical) with the purpose of raising awareness for sexual health and celebrate fertility.

It evolved from a Japanese legend about a women who was said to have a demon living in her vagina. After a few unfortunate men lost their pride and joys to the said demon, the woman took action with the help of a blacksmith. He forged her a steel phallus, and she retreated for alone-time with her ancient sex toy. The woman was able to conceive after the demon broke its teeth on the steel phallus, ending its tyrannical reign over the woman’s private part and all that entered.

The festival generally takes place the first Sunday of April and seems to us to be the perfect festival to signify that spring has sprung!

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