Sweden’s Crowned Princess Honors Gays in Stockholm

Image via Ricardo Esplana Babor.

Image via Ricardo Esplana Babor.

Crown Princess Victoria surprised  gala-goers when she took to the stage at a concert venue in Stockholm. The princess made an unexpected appearance at the Gay Gala at Cirkus for an annual event sponsored by QX magazine. The stunned audience gave the classily dressed princess, who donned a gorgeous green necklace and a well-fitted black dress, a standing ovation. The recently married princess was in the house to award the Gay of the Year award to comedian Jonas Gardell. “We’ll dry each other’s tears with open hearts,” the princess announced. “The prize goes to the author, the dramatists, and the inspiration—Jonas Gardell.” Of course, Gardell didn’t let her grab all the attention. “Victoria, you may be the princess but tonight I’m the queen,” he said. [TheLocal]

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