Adam Rippon Featured in New LGBTQ Episode of ‘What Would You Do?’

Adam Rippon Featured in New LGBTQ Episode of ‘What Would You Do?’

The popular ABC show What Would You Do? returns with a special episode guest-starring Olympic skater Adam Rippon. The show centers around putting real people in extreme scenarios to see what they do. Do they stand up to bigotry? Do they defend the oppressed? Or do they just stand there and watch? Or partake in the harassment?

In the episode with Adam Rippon, a coach is put to the test when a young athlete comes out to her as LGBTQ. The show seeks to find out how she’ll respond, and also aims to help educate the viewer about why inclusivity and diversity are so important.

During the episode, Adam Rippon also recounts his own story of coming out, the negativity he experienced on social media during the Olympics, and ultimately, his journey to accepting and loving himself. Rippon states that after coming out, he felt he was able to know himself better. He also said that he found inspiration after hearing people tell him that they finally came out because they felt encouraged by seeing him become the first openly gay Winter Olympian.

To find out what happens, tune in to What Would You Do? 

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