Banana Republic Launches PRIDE Collection

Banana Republic Launches PRIDE Collection

Fashion retailer, Banana Republic, has launched a new line of Pride-inspired pieces to coincide with June, which is the official month of Pride.

Banana Republic’s sister brand, Gap, has also launched a pride collection, but the two are quite different. Gap’s collection uses bright colors, bold patterns, and has an overall youthful glow. Banana Republic’s collection on the other hand has a more mature and refined look. Comfy, muted tones combine with the occasional splash of color to create pieces that are perfect for not just Pride month, but year-round. The collection includes t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, athletic wear, and even boxers, socks, and accessories!

The new line’s ad campaign features notable names such as pioneering trans runway model, Connie Fleming; founder of Born Perfect Foundation, dedicated to fighting to end gay conversion therapy, Mathew Shurka; former InStyle EIC, writer, and founder of ABBAPAPA, a parenting newsletter, Ariel Foxman and his husband, educator Brandon Cardet-Hernandez; fashion designer, creative director, and food enthusiast, Peter Som; artist, activist and educator, Bradley Miller; as well as chef and author, Angela Dimayuga.

Better yet, Banana Republic is taking their commitment to Pride one step further by committing to a $60,000 donation to the United Nations Foundation, in order to help fund the UN Free & Equal Campaign (UNFE) which is tasked with fighting for LGBTQI equality around the globe.

You can check out the whole Pride collection on Banana Republic’s website.

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