Elon Musk’s Transgender Daughter Changes Name and Disavows Her Father

Elon Musk’s Transgender Daughter Changes Name and Disavows Her Father

Elon Musk’s trans daughter recently turned 18 and legally changed her name and gender. Now going by the name, Vivian Jenna Wilson, she told the court, “I no longer live with, or wish to be related to, my biological father in any way, shape or form.” (via NBC News).

Publications are currently scrambling to reach out to Jenna for comment, but she has yet to respond and so far, her exact reasonings for disavowing her father remains unknown.

However, what is known is that in recent years Musk has become more and more conservative, aligning further and further with Republican beliefs. Tesla was refusing to comply with COVID protocols during the pandemic, he said he’d allow Trump back on Twitter after he took over the company, he exposed himself to a SpaceX employee and then paid her hush money, and has had numerous instances of mocking pronoun usage. He’s even vowed to vote Republican from now on and has even praised Florida’s bigoted, fascist governor, Ron DeSantis.

Despite once being seen as the guy who could save the world thanks to his revolutionary support of converting automobiles from gas to electric (and by making electric cars cool), he’s since devolved into a megalomaniac who seems more and more like Donald Trump every single day. While this is all hypothetical, it could be the reason why his daughter wants nothing to do with him. His personal conversations with her could have made her uncomfortable, feel unloved, and potentially even unwanted.

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