Sprinkles Cupcake Shop Celebrates Pride by Supporting the LGBTQIA+ Community

Sprinkles Cupcake Shop Celebrates Pride by Supporting the LGBTQIA+ Community

Sprinkles is one of the most famous names in cupcakes. During the cupcake craze of 2010, the brand exploded in popularity and even became known for their cupcake vending machines. Now, Sprinkles is using its platform to help the LGBTQ community.

In honor of pride month, Sprinkles has teamed with popular Austin BBQ joint, la Barbecue. Helmed by LeAnn Mueller and her wife Alison Clem, the BBQ spot has become famous in every corner of Texas for producing some of the state’s most badass brisket, ribs, and house-made sausages.

LeAnn Mueller and her wife Alison Clem
LeAnn Mueller and her wife Alison Clem

For Pride Month, the ladies have partnered with Sprinkles to bring the joy of a backyard BBQ to everyone. During the month of June, the duo will be selling scones on the Sprinkles website. Packed with pepper jack cheese, bacon, fire-roasted tomatoes, and scallions (and topped with more pepper jack cheese and coarse-ground black pepper), these scones are really bringing the Texas heat to Pride.

Best of all, Sprinkles and la Barbecue have committed to using the proceeds to benefit Allgo, an LGBTQ nonprofit that seeks to support and uplift the queer community in Central Texas.

In a statement, LeAnn Mueller and Alison Clem stated, “We’re excited to celebrate Pride Month with the launch of our Sprinkles savory scone and appreciate the opportunity to support the LGBTQIA+ community through this collaboration that benefits Allgo, a nonprofit that nurtures and celebrates queer people of color. It is also an honor to be able to share a bit of our unique Texas flare with Sprinkles
fans everywhere.”

To order your scones, click here


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