Kat Cunning Welcomes Pride Month with New Single ‘Boys’

Kat Cunning Welcomes Pride Month with New Single ‘Boys’

Kat Cunning, who shot to fame with hit singles like “King of Shadow” and “Birds” has just released a new song titled “Boys” to kick off Pride month.

On the surface, the song is a personal love letter to the first transmasculine person they ever met and fell in love with. However, the song also has a deeper meaning and explores Kat’s self-recognition as well.

According to Cunning, “Since writing ‘Boys’ three years ago, I have come out as non-binary – transmasculine-leaning – and I use they/them pronouns. Unknowingly, I wrote the song as a letter of acceptance to myself, and I hope it applies to our community at large. I want this song in the hands of every young queer person, in fact, every person who has not yet found the place where they belong.  It’s for anyone who has had to look outside of their own back yard to find a place where they are seen for who they truly are.”

Unlike a lot of music right now, the single doesn’t come off as overly preachy or filled with pain. In fact, the song feels joyous and is a pure delight to listen to. It’s the perfect single for a sunny, summer afternoon, and is a must-add to your Pride playlist.

So far, Cunning has amassed millions of views on YouTube and has received praise from Billboard, Variety, and The Advocate, among others.

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