New Long-Lasting HIV Treatment Approved by FDA

On Thursday, January 21st, the FDA approved a new drug treatment to help those who are infected with HIV. Rather than taking a daily pill, the new regimen involves getting 2 shots, once a month. The shots in question are Cabotogravir and Rilpivirine, which together create the treatment called Cabenuva.

Cabenuva is expected to greatly help those with HIV. Not only will it make it easier for patients to not miss their doses, but it’s better for their mental health, as they’re not reminded about HIV on a daily basis, nor do they need to go to a pharmacy to pick up their medication.

The treatment option is being recommended for those who already successfully have their HIV under control using current medicine, and haven’t show any signs of viral resistance.

It hasn’t yet been announced if the drug combo will also be an effective form of PrEP, but ABC News reports that the new Cabenuva treatment “would cost $5,940 for an initial higher dose and $3,960 per month afterward. The company said that is “within the range” of what one-a-day pill combos cost now. How much a patient pays depends on insurance, income, and other things.”

If you have questions about HIV, or are struggling to find ways to pay for treatment, click here for resources and more information.


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