New Zine Created to Help Local, Independent Eateries

New Zine Created to Help Local, Independent Eateries

The first issue of the new zine 86 Logic has just been released and aims at helping local restaurants, cafes, and bars struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic.

86 Logic gets its name from the restaurant phrase “86”, meaning, to run out of something. The publication is created by artists who work in, or got their start in the service industry. It’s filled with short stories, poems, essays, photos, and even comics, all celebrating (and hilariously commiserating) with anyone who has ever been a dishwasher, waiter, or busboy, waiting for their big break. Contributors to the magazine are men and women who hail from all over the globe, and many of whom are LGBTQ.

The stories and poems are as varied as the contributors. From overworked waitresses dealing with sexist patrons, to hungover brunch shifts, and even having to serve Christian Bale froyo…86 Logic is sure to make the perfect bookshelf addition for bookworms, those who remember their days in the service industry, and those who currently work in the industry and are looking for some insightful and hilarious comradery.

Each copy is $10 and all profits go to the James Beard Foundation to support their Open for Good initiative, which is designed to help local, independent eateries survive the current economic crisis, as well as help them rebuild better and stronger, making their business a lasting enterprise.

To pick up your copy, visit You can also follow them on Instagram. To keep up with the James Beard Foundation, you can follow them on Twitter


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