NikkieTutorials Is First Trans Eurovision Host

NikkieTutorials Is First Trans Eurovision Host

Nikki de Jager, best known for her popular YouTube channel, NikkieTutorials, has become the first openly transgender celebrity to host the Eurovision Song Contest. Jager began YouTubing over a decade ago, and shot to global fame from her make-up videos. She has even had the honor of doing make-up for celebs like Jessie J and Lady Gaga. In 2019, Jager was even hired by Marc Jacobs Beauty to be their global beauty advisor.

However, in early 2020, Jager became the victim of blackmail. Her 14 million+ fan base didn’t know that she was trans, and an unknown assailant threatened to out her. So, on January 13th, 2020, Jager released a video titled “I’m Coming Out“, where she revealed that she was trans. The video has since been viewed over 37 million times. Coming out only made her fans love her more and has opened up a new world for the rising star, who is considered one of YouTube’s best activists.

And now, Jager is breaking even more barriers by being one of the hosts for the 2021 edition of the prestigious Eurovision Song Contest. This achievement marks a first for the singing competition, as Jager has now become the first openly trans host for the show in Eurovision’s 60+ year run.

This year’s cycle kicked off on May 18th and the finale will premiere on May 22nd. Jager’s role is to follow all the drama, action, and anticipation of the performers backstage, and to interview singers before and after their performances.

To watch Eurovision 2021, check out the viewing schedule here.

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