Florida School District Requires Teachers to Out LGBTQ+ Students

Florida School District Requires Teachers to Out LGBTQ+ Students

According to LGBTQ Nation, in the context of the Don’t Say Gay law, the Sarasota County School district has instated a new policy requiring teachers to report to parents if a student comes out as LGBTQ+ to them. Additionally, in order to call a transgender student by their chosen name and use the correct pronouns, teachers must receive parental permission. Teachers thus have no choice but to out their LGBTQ+ students, rousing concern that doing so might put the child in danger once they get home. 

In a laughably horrible comment, school board member Bridget Ziegler compared the need to inform parents of a student coming out to that of informing them that the student has been suspended. Teachers, however, are concerned for their students who may experience domestic abuse or even attempt suicide as a result of being outed at home. Teachers and administrators also must contend with the vague standard outlined by the Don’t Say Gay law, which restricts the discussion of LGBTQ+ topics entirely in the lower grades and limits it in the higher grades.

If you live in Florida, make sure to vote in November. For more information about the election,

visit Equality Florida.

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