Lockdown Is Such a Drag: Queens Keep Entertaining During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Lockdown Is Such a Drag: Queens Keep Entertaining During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Since mid-March, much of the world has been forced to endure a grueling lockdown that has been mentally draining and has had a massive impact on the global economy. In times like these, when many people have lost their jobs and are forced to deal with it in solitude, comedy is as important as ever. It’s a way to help relieve stress and make us feel like life is somewhat normal again.

Drag queens have always been leading figures in the LGBTQ community. They hold a larger-than-life presence and are seemingly afraid of nothing. That tradition continues throughout the coronavirus lockdown, as many drag queens have taken to online platforms to continue to perform and bring laughter and entertainment to the world, helping to ease the stress and depression that the pandemic has created.

Many queens, such as Trixie Mattel, Coco Peru, and Willam Belli have formed massive YouTube followings over the last few years, and continue to release content on the video platform throughout lockdown. The best part about YouTube is that many queens are not only creating new content, but also have large libraries of past videos made throughout the years. Highlights include Trixie Mattel’s makeup transformation of Brittany Broski, Coco Peru’s hilarious attempt at playing Grand Theft Auto 5, and Belli’s day of diving with Olympian Tom Daley.

Photo by James Michael Avance

Other queens, like Peppermint, Nina West, Miz Cracker, and Blair St. Clair, are all taking part in online shows and music festivals through websites like StageIt. The shows are as varied as the queens themselves, with Blair St. Clair serving up makeup tutorials, Miz Cracker dancing and doing stand-up, and Nina West hosting a sing-along. Stageit has a huge lineup of drag shows in the coming weeks like Jinkx Monsoon, Delta Work, Jackie Beat, and many, many more.

Other queens can be found on streaming services. RuPaul’s hit show AJ and the Queen is streaming on Netflix, while Shangela, Bob the Drag Queen, and Eureka O’Hara‘s new show We’re Here just premiered on HBO. It is streaming through the HBO app, and the network has released the whole first episode for free on YouTube:

Technology has given us more ways to stay together, and with the unprecedented events of the coronavirus pandemic, the world is starting to see the true power of staying connected online.

The coming weeks will may not be easy, as we are being pushed to the very limits of how much isolation we can handle. But throughout the lockdown and social distancing, drag queens will continue to be there. To provide comedy. To inspire. And to help us all make it through to another day.

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