Netflix Employees Plan Walkout for October 20th

Netflix Employees Plan Walkout for October 20th

Netflix recently released the Dave Chappelle stand-up special, The Closer, in which the comedian mocked trans women and the LGBTQ community as a whole (a topic he’s brought up in numerous specials now). Netflix has stood by the comedian and says they support his right to free speech and won’t take action.

For many Netflix employees, this was the final straw. Now, employees will stage a walkout on Tuesday, October 20th to show Netflix how serious they are about their concerns for Chappelle’s stand-up film.

Now, Bloomberg has revealed that employees had actually made internal concerns about The Closer before it was even released. According to the article, employees brought up their concerns about the special’s transohpibibic comments to the leaders at Netflix. However, head of TV, Bela Bajaria, and CEO, Ted Sarandos, felt that the comments didn’t cross the line and weren’t harmful.

This is shocking considering that Chappelle literally compared the bodies of trans women to brands of imitation meat. How this ever was deemed “not offensive” by the heads of Netflix is a complete mystery, unless they were truly focused more on dollar signs than equality and justice.

You too can take part in the October 20th walkout. Simply refuse to watch Netflix that day. Refuse to give them your time and your viewership, proving the power of community and that the voices of many are always louder than that of one.


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