Same-Sex Marriage Now Legal in Costa Rica

Same-Sex Marriage Now Legal in Costa Rica

At midnight on May 26, 2020 same-sex marriage became law in Costa Rica, making it the first Central American country to legalize it. As we stated in our previous article, this moment has been a long time coming. The country set the parameters for gay marriage back in 2018, but set the date far in the future in order to give the population time to adapt and adjust. Throughout those two years, the measure was challenged, but at midnight the moment finally arrived and gay marriage is now legal in Costa Rica.

Couples around the world held celebrations overnight, but one lucky couple, Daritza Araya and Alexandra Qu Castillo, because the nation’s first same-sex couple to get married.

Costa Rican media company Teletica even livestreamed the event via their Facebook channel. So far, the video of Daritza and Alexandra’s ceremony has been viewed 745k times and has been liked 23k times.

En vivo

Alexandra y Daritza estrenaron el matrimonio igualitario en Costa Rica

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Noticeable in the video, the pastor ordaining the ceremony is wearing a mask and is keeping her distance. This moment will go down in history not only as a landmark moment for the LGBTQ community, but also as a visual reminder of what life was like in the era of the coronavirus.

Congrats to Costa Rica and all the happy LGBTQ couples who will celebrate their weddings in this beautiful country.

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